You can find on this page the list of PECB clients whose management system certificates have been either suspended or withdrawn for different reasons, including failing to meet certification requirements as determined in clause 9.6.5 of the ISO/IEC 17021-1 standard.


Suspended MS Certificates

Note: Under suspension, the organization’s management system certification is temporarily invalid until the issues are resolved as requested by PECB. Depending on the actions conducted by the certified organization in the time established, PECB may restore the suspended certificate, reduce the scope of certification, or withdraw the certification.

Country Client Standard Certificate Number Effective Date
Mongolia RZA LLC OHSAS 18001:2007 C348-OHSMS27-02-18 2019-03-07
Cameroun Simidebis International Limited SO 9001 C382-QMS157-3-03-18 2019-04-15


Withdrawn MS Certificates

Note: If the certification is withdrawn, the certificate holder loses the right to use any trademarks, logos and ability to advertise or promote the PECB MS certification.

Country Client Standard Certificate Number Effective Date
Libya Elmoj Company for Mechanical Industries OHSAS 18001 C9-EMS2-02-2016 2018-12-20
ISO 14001 C10-EMS3-02-2016 2018-12-20
Canada One Eye Industries ISO 9001 C37-QMS17-07-26 2019-01-31
Kosovo Beni Construction ISO 9001 C13-QMS2-03-2016 2018-12-20
ISO 14001 C14-EMS4-03-2016 2018-12-20
Luxembourg Arendt Services ISO 22301 C12-BCMS2-03-2016 2018-12-20
Kosovo Pixels Production ISO 9001 C16-QMS4-03-2016 2018-12-20
Luxembourg Lab Luxembourg ISO 9001 C19-QMS6-03-2016 2018-12-10
Kosovo KAG Asphalt Company ISO 9001 C24-QMS9-05-27 2018-12-10
ISO 14001 C32-EMS6-07-20 2018-12-10
France Oceanet Technology ISO/IEC 27001 C26-ISMS9-06-02 2017-09-04
Trinidad & Tobago Streamline Management and Engineering Solutions Ltd ISO 9001 C33-QMS14-07-22 2019-01-29
Kosovo Jehona SH.P.K ISO 14001 C36-EMS7-07-26 2018-12-10
Kosovo N.N.P Arhiko. ING ISO 9001 C34-QMS15-07-14 2018-12-20
USA Atlantic Lottery Corporation ISO/IEC 27001 C142-ISMS33-03-17 2018-12-20
Ghana Atlantic Catering and Logistics Limited ISO 14001 C69- EMS14-10-16 2019-01-29
OHSAS 18001 C70-OHSMS3-10-16 2019-01-29
Libya Kids Nest Nursery ISO 9001 C81-QMS32-10-16 2018-03-22
France e-Qual ISO/IEC 27001 C102-ISMS23-12-16 2018-05-08
USA I.C. Tamer ISO 9001 C130-QMS61-02-17 2018-12-10
Iran Petro Tar Fara ISO 9001 C132-QMS62-02-17 2018-07-02
ISO 14001 C133-EMS19-02-17 2018-07-02
OHSAS 18001 C134-OHSMS8-02-17 2018-07-02
Kosovo N.P.N "Europrojekt Plus" ISO 9001 C141-QMS66-03-17 2018-12-20
Kosovo "Jehona" SH.P.K ISO 9001 C145-QMS68-03-17 2018-12-20
Libya Alssahary Co. for Inspection and Conformance ISO 9001 C153-QMS72-03-17 2018-12-20
Ghana Accra City Hotel ISO 14001 C159-EMS24-05-17 2018-06-29
Kosovo Al-Group sh.p.k ISO 9001 C161-QMS77-04-17 2018-12-20
Ghana Alteco Ghana Limited ISO 9001 C164-QMS79-05-17 2018-06-29
Kosovo Enggroup sh.p.k. ISO 9001 C166-QMS81-04-17 2018-12-20
ISO 14001 C167-EMS22-04-17 2018-12-20
OHSAS 18001 C168-OHSMS11-04-17 2018-12-20
Canada Groupe Desautels Electrique et Automation ISO 9001 C186-QMS89-05-17 2018-12-20
Saudi Arabia Development Dimension Information Technology Ltd ISO 9001 C190-QMS91-05-17 2019-01-16
Kosovo ENG-IDEA ISO 9001 C191-QMS92-05-17 2019-01-07
Iraq Trade Bank of Iraq ISO 9001 C231-QMS109-08-17 2018-12-20
Kosovo N.N.P. “PRO TEK" ISO 9001 C146-QMS69-03-17 2019-03-18
Ghana Heritage Bank Limited (HBL) ISO 27001 C578-ISMS173-01-19 2019-03-18
Ghana Premium Bank Ghana Limited ISO 27001 C156-ISMS37-04-17-issue2 2019-03-18
Mongolia INCOZONE LLC ISO 9001 C291-QMS127-11-17 2019-04-08


Voluntary Withdrawn MS Certificates

Note: Under voluntary withdrawal, the certified organization has voluntarily requested the certificate to be withdrawn.

Country Client Standard Certificate Number Effective Date
Canada 5Blue Process Equipment Inc. ISO 14001:2015 C55-QMS23-09-16 2019-03-05
Canada Collaboration en Recherche pour l'Efficacité en Diagnostic (CRED) ISO/IEC 27001 C11-ISMS5-03-2016 2018-12-20
UAE Sama Alain Surveying Engineering ISO 9001 C17-QMS5-03-2016 2018-12-10
Switzerland Cortex ISO/IEC 27001 C18-ISMS6-03-2016 2018-03-22
Morocco Sam Blue Wave Software ISO/IEC 27001 C31-ISMS10-07-14 2018-12-10
Trinidad & Tobago Johnson Offshore Services Ltd ISO 9001 C83-QMS34-10-16 2018-12-10
France HISI ISO/IEC 27001 C85-ISMS20-11-16 2017-12-13
Belarus V.U.K.A.S. LLC ISO 9001 C103-QMS47-12-16 2018-03-15
Switzerland Syselcom Mutuelle Informatique SA ISO/IEC 27001 C105-ISMS24-12-16 2018-03-22
Ukraine Quality Business Technology, LLC ISO 9001 C121-QMS56-02-17 2018-03-22
ISO/IEC 27001 C122-ISMS28-02-17 2018-03-22