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Process Certification

Process Certification - is the provision of assessment and impartial third-party attestation that the fulfillment of specified requirements has been demonstrated. Process Certification is carried out by certification bodies which should conform to ISO/IEC 17065 and IAS AC370. Specified requirements for processes are generally contained in standards or other normative documents.

Process Certification is an established conformity assessment activity that provides confidence to consumers, regulators, stakeholders and other interested parties that processes conform to specified requirements.

Services we offer:

Benefits of certifying your process with PECB MS - With PECB MS you will have:

  • Exceptional quality of assessment
  • Enhanced credibility and international recognition
  • Internal business improvement
  • Demonstration of compliance to a standard, a code of practice or regulatory requirements
  • Verification that your products, services or processes are tested, inspected, and certified to be safe and meet relevant standards.