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How to Become a PECB Management System Auditor

Why become a PECB Management System Auditor?

Today, organizations are choosing PECB MS as a trusted and reliable certification body which has built strong reputation for its services in the field of ISO standards. We have demonstrated effective evaluation methods on the preparation of experienced and highly skilled management system auditors who represent our values.

There are a lot of reasons why becoming a PECB MS Auditor could be beneficial for you. Let’s name just some of them:

  1.  Establish a reputable image as a professional PECB MS Auditor in our network and conduct audits through a continual interaction with PECB MS 
  2. Well paid audit mandates
  3. Opportunity to conduct audits worldwide
  4. Improve audit expertise in the respective certification field

If you are interested in joining the Network of PECB MS Auditors, please contact us at: and the responsible person will get back to you with further instructions within 48 hours. 

Find out more about PECB MS Auditor Program here.